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Elio's Top Ten Spanish Expressions


Top Ten Ways of Saying Good-Bye

1. Adiós.


        (Literally, to God; as in the English equivalent, which comes from the old phrase "God be wi' ye").    

2. Hasta luego.

    See you later.

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    Bolivian President Evo Morales gives a press conference in La Paz on October 13, 2014, a day after being voted for a third term in officeIn addition to his own reelection, Bolivia's President Evo Morales kept his absolute majority in congress in the October 12 general elections, authorities said Wednesday. The Supreme Electoral Council said Morales, a socialist in power since 2006 and Bolivia's first indigenous president, won 61.36 percent of the vote against 24.23 percent for his closest rival, wealthy cement magnate Samuel Doria Medina. The results mean Morales, a staunch critic of the United States, will keep his control over the legislature, which makes it easy for him to pass legislation with little opposition.

  • Gypsy 'cheat' entry in Spanish dictionary sparks outrage

    The library at the Royal Spanish Academy in Madrid, January 21, 2004An entry in Spain's top dictionary has outraged one of the country's oldest minorities by defining "gypsy" as synonymous with lying and cheating. The offending entry is in the Royal Spanish Academy's annual update to its dictionary, the ultimate authority on the language in Spain and Latin America. One activist, Patricia Caro Maya, said the academy's definition of gypsy "has always had false connotations of stealing and cheating as a cultural characteristic of ours." The academy declined to comment on the issue to AFP, but cited the introduction to its dictionary, which says it takes care to avoid "gratuitously slanted or offensive" definitions.

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